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2014-03-06 00:30:37
Primarily, policy contract is all about distributing threat. For our intentions let's determine threat as the potentiality that on certain evening QuotesChimp might incur an occurrence which causes something to be lost by you. This can be a fireplace, where situation you might drop your property; or an automobile accident, where situation you risk dropping your vehicle, your wellness, and potentially, following the lawful costs, your nest eggs. On the other hand, the threat might issue your wellbeing along with the prerequisite to keep physicians yet another pricey suggestion. Simply speaking, after that, daily in just about any manner, we're all vulnerable to dropping some thing of great benefit to ourselves, recognized in insurance lingo as reduction.
2013-08-13 04:01:23
Chandrashekar,There is need for clarification what is this new "Google App for Google Group" in your anenuncoment.1. There is Group functionality in Google Apps under the Groups tab/menu. But this is only mailing list without the Google Group front end.2. I think what you mean in your anenuncoment is more to the tune of now Google Apps user (user in my domain for instant) can sign in to Google Groups and create new group as well as participate in discussion. Unfortunately, I don't see any integration between Google Apps and Goolge Group. For instance the email created by Google Group is not using the Google App domain. Another thing is that the group mailing list created in Google App allow public to email while the one in Google Group require people to register first. This depend on user preference. But would be nice to have public people to just post message without registration. Spam can be controller through ability to blacklist email or using captcha.Just my thought on this and why people are frustrated with your (not so clear) anenuncoment.
2011-04-17 07:35:58
At last, somonee comes up with the "right" answer!