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2016-05-07 06:23:47
Zur Noamlrisierung der Situation mache ich folgenden Vorschlag:Wer jetzt noch einmal etwas zu “mehr Europa” schreibt oder von “mehr Europa” Sprechblasen brabbelt, bezahlt einen Tagessatz in die Bundeskasse.
2013-04-05 04:43:13
Well, that's one tiny step along the road, I guess. Will there ever be any chance of giettng newsgroup filters to actually WORK, rather than just indicate they work? By that, I mean that if you set a newsgroup filter to (e.g.) move a message to an archive, the filter log indicates that the filter was activated and the message move completed, but nothing was actually moved. If Thunderbird ever has newsgroup filtering which works, I'll finally be able to junk Forte Agent, a program which is so far superior to Thunderbird as a newsreader that it's embarrassing (or it ought to be!) The fewer programs I have to run via WINE the better, but a (very) few Windows programs are just so much better at their job, and Forte Agent is one of them. Brian.
2012-03-22 04:23:24
Quality softwarez but must sift through tons of spam to find it.