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2015-10-23 07:04:05
Ahh, you're a lady after my own heart. I've been in the gun/archery/hunting gear business in vuorias capacities for most of the last 35 years. In th emid-80s I even had a Class 3 dealer licence for a few years. I have a true passion for guns and shooting, and almost always have at least one on layaway, but I haven't bought a new production gun in, ummm... hold on, I'm thinking... Okay, since 1981. Really.Like you, Tam, it takes a vintage S&W or, to a lesser extent, military rifle, to make my blood stir. I'm also a fanatic for bowhunting for heavy antlered whitetail bucks, and I found your analogy to be dead on. The biggest thrills I've had in the last year were the day in November when I almost got a shot at a massive 22-24" 8 point buck, and the two days in January when I stumbled across incredible deals on, first, a 95% 2nd Model Hand Ejector .455/.45 Colt conversion, and a near-90% 3rd Model Ladysmith (the original, M-frame .22, not one of the new ones.)There's something more than the thrill of the hunt for those fine old guns, though, at least for me. New guns don't seem to have any character, they don't have the soul I can sense in my old Smiths, or M1 Garand, or '03 Springfield. Know what I mean?Oh, BTW, you get a respectful "Very Nice" for the bikini photo, Tam. If you'd had that .44 HE in your hand, the picture would be a shoo in for cover of Dillon's Blue Press!Steve
2013-04-05 01:27:35
btw, a permalink to this essay of yours (regarding senwecs mess) should be in the rotating faq-sigs of senwecs champs'. It shhould reduce the back-rants/back-flames that are just repeated annoyances (including, annoying to the guys trying to help).