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2012-10-08 20:58:23
Hi David,The phone alerts are rvetaielly few. The NWS has a policy of not crying wolf, so they try not to issue too many alerts, otherwise people will stop paying attention.I always have my cell phone on if there's a prediction of bad weather and during waking hours. When I'm sleeping, I have the WX radio to wake me up.If we've been advised to be alert and it's getting late in the evening, I'll keep my commercial transceiver on and let it wake me up if a radio net is activated. I don't do that a lot.When I get a severe WX email and I'm available to participate in the radio net by observing weather conditions, I'll call into the net via radio to let them know I'm available. If I'm out of town, away from a radio, or otherwise unable to respond, then I hope others are available.For Sexyhiphopvixens.com, I've found that MySpace does a good job of keeping me informed. All of the models have accounts I've joined all of their groups to get their bulletins and send out bulletins about what they are up to.I also have a couple of different places that I check Blackcuties is a good place to find new models who might or might not become famous in a couple of years. I also stop by some of the hip hop rumor sites every so often to see if there's anything of interest about the models that might make for interesting stories.I also check Yahoo news every so often to see if there's any news out for the big stars in my niche. I don't have any feeds set up because the news is infrequent and not necessarily time sensitive.I usually try to profile someone who doesn't have a lot of page views so that I'm one of the first to write about her. I get emails from new models asking me to profile them, as well., who is from Gary, and the author of the and , emailed me asking me to write about her. also emailed me pointing me to her site and asking to be included.I like getting emails pointing to good subject matter it makes it easy to find new talent that is aggressively seeking attention in the modeling business.I could just focus on the Big 3 Buffie, Melyssa, and Esther, but that would get boring. Plus, it would be fun to watch someone rise to the top which can happen pretty quickly from humble beginnings.As for all of the RSS feeds, I get a lot of information, but I don't necessarily read it all. I learned a trick in J-school to scan the index of the New York Times to keep up to date without having to spend all day getting updated.My Firefox extensions make it easy to keep a handle on everything. Here's a with everything running to give an idea.
2011-04-16 17:22:42
Great thinking! That rellay breaks the mold!