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2016-05-07 05:33:45
I said in the outset, with regards to discovering probably the most comfortable and fitting wo;8&n#e217ms boots, you wish to be sure that you do not make blunders which lastly wind up with the incorrect buy, or
2012-12-29 10:45:32
Jeff Carter, Naples Florida Dec 09, 2007 - Hi Eric,Another gem of a program! It warms my heart to see this kind of diioussscn in a day and age when there is SOOOOOoooooo much stuff on the internet that serves no purpose for enlightenment. A few weeks ago I Became a Master of the Royal Secret and received the 32 Degree in Scottish Rite in the Valley of Ft. Myers Florida. So, I am even more appreciative now than ever before for what you are doing.Congrats and good luck with your travels in the East!!!TEMET NOSCE,Fraternally,Jeffrey A. Carter
2011-04-16 18:08:24
Real brain power on display. Thkans for that answer!