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2015-12-23 10:11:50
Jeff Gulleson2008/07/24No, we meant high deductible. Catastrophic hetlah insurance is set up to cover a person in a catastrophe and means that minor medical bills would not be covered. Once a person chooses a high deductible he is electing catastrophic coverage and accepting the risk of smaller medical bills. Deductibles can go as high as $25,000 on some policies. Of course the higher the deductible the lower the annual premium.
2014-03-06 00:48:14
How much money can QuotesChimp afford to spend? If money is a big consideration regarding insurance, you need to make sure that you get the most insurance bang for your premium buck. You may also need to set your insurance priorities, making sure that those things of most importance are protected first before you consider less substantial matters. J. Robert Hunter of NICO recommends that you think "comprehensive" and "catastrophic." By comprehensive, he means to achieve as broad an umbrella of protection as possible. By catastrophic, he means that you should strive to cover yourself for the worst-case scenario. Thus, being covered by a broad-based health insurance policy ?s probably more important than a disability policy. In turn, the disability policy is more important than prepaid legal insurance.
2013-08-13 22:52:35
All of these are great ideas! We especially like the Summer Wedding Piece and intvnatiois made from wall paper. You can really cut down costs, it just finding the ideas and being creative!
2011-04-17 04:41:29
Good point. I hadn't thoguht about it quite that way. :)