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2015-12-23 09:03:10
What a great post! It is nice to stop and be grateful to all those who mean so much to us and who help us grow into beettr people. I love you, my friend and am very grateful to the Lord for having placed you in our lives.Ana Maria
2012-10-09 10:54:06
Q: Are you the recipient of daily email aertls on saved search topics of ongoing interest to you? If yes, how many aertls do you receive a day and what services do you use to do the hunting?A: I get similar notify from several yahoo groups set up to do that. Between 5/10Q: Do you have personal Search Bots scanning the internet for topics that are important to you? If so, how and where do you employ them and how do those Bots feed you information and what do you do with that information once it is presented to you?A: NoQ: Have you set up your cellphone to receive informational updates each day? If yes, what is streamed or sent to your handset?A: No I do not have a cell phone.Q: Do you receive a paper newspaper every day? If so, do you read it every day?A: No I have a round trip of 20 miles to get one when I do get it it gets read cover to cover.Q: Are you a daily RSS feeds reader? If yes, how many feeds do you read a day and why did you choose to subscribe to those feeds instead of just visiting the site?A: NoQ: Is daily Usenet newsgroup reading and posting still in your information flood?A: Guilty.Q: If you participate in online discussions, do you receive an email alert when there are new messages for topics you previously expressed an interest in watching?A: SometimesQ: Do you pay a fee for any of this information that is pushed to you each day?A: NoOnce again, please answer each of these questions in order without cherry-picking your answers. All of these questions together build a frame of understanding of how information is pushed to you.Thank you again!
2011-04-16 20:08:09
Tanhks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days struggling