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Multimedia related to ghosts and the supernatural.
2016-05-07 05:29:05
17IssRu,f’m glad we could be of help. This what I intended the OrthodoxBridge to do — help people from both sides understand each other. And that is why I’ve been urging people to tone down the polemic, focus on the facts, and be charitable to one another. Thank you for taking part in the dialogue.Robert
2015-10-23 08:12:28
Had to finally regtsier to this site to bring an interesting tidbit of information for y'all:The red devil enemies in the game (yes, the ones that still haunt us from childhood) are actually the inspiration for the character of Firebrand The hero of the Gargoyle's Quest game series. Even the sprite looks similar in the NES title.There's a few other similarities between the games, too. For example in the original Gameboy Gargoyle's Quest, the second to last boss was named Rushifell (misspelled romanization of Lucifer ) and he bore a striking resemblance to the LAST boss of the game whom you had to defeat with a specific weapon that was pretty damn useless in all other situations Sound familiar?In my opinion this is a good reason for James to actually review that game as well! While not being a -bad- game as such, it does have quite a few of those rather quirky or tedious bits that REALLY start to get at you after a while. To make the deal sweeter there's one for each of the nintendo consoles the SNES one actually being one of the most underrated games I've encountered: Demon's Crest. I have a recollection James has referred to it in some previous episode, but I might be mistaken and if I am, it's still a fair to assume James does indeed know about these games.Oh yes and since I'm new to the comments section, I feel the need to say good work guys! Been a fan since episode ~10 or something along those lines. You've provided me entertainment (with surprisingly much replay value too) for many a year and I've never got to say thanks for it. (Except on Youtube) so here you go: Thank You.Keep up the good work!
2012-10-08 21:22:56
This is just the perfect aswner for all of us
2011-04-17 01:44:03
YMMD with that anwser! TX