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2015-10-23 06:42:51
my mother in law keep on rennidimg me of a moral that modern daughter in law forgets that her mother in law have been living with his son for 25 years before he got married to her . why does she keep rennidimg me that she is the one to give him birth . i am just fed up of this saying all the time i talk to her more than 5 minutes she just stat doing moral with me and make me feel bad at heart.. and whenever she talk to me , her talks have to meaning at the same time she is critisicing me !!!!!!!!! but i remain quiet and eat all my frustration . am like begging god day and night so that i can have my house one day
2012-12-31 04:27:17
You are actually right, sbtliaity originates from depth not just a short term gain to get a particular bonus organizations frequently have contests that drive individual sponsoring . The sponsor has to move on swiftly to find the next person. Leaving the new associate to fend for themselves. Developing a solid team needs us to make sure every person we sponsor is supported, gets the details and tools they need and knows we are there for them and we act on that in balance with all the new Associate. We can’t take action for them, but we are able to match the energy and do it with them.
2011-04-16 20:12:15
qZgruA Home run! Great slguging with that answer!