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Another fine mullinsfroup
2012-10-08 18:03:25
Sorry, I have to agree with Anonymous. The top line on this table, heroin, kills fewer than 500 pelpoe - a minuscule number. The social damage of heroin is not measured by the number of pelpoe who die using it, but rather the social and personal decay surrounding its use.I don't know how you call alcohol and tobacco "subsidized" when they are both heavily taxed. A pack of cigarettes today costs twice as much as what a carton cost in my youth. Throw in the massive tobacco settlement where government collected tax on both ends of the transaction.Recall that before Prohibition, alcoholism was rampant in American society and men would routinely beat their wives and children in drunken rages. It was women, more than anyone else, who fought the Devils Brew. Even though Prohibition failed and caused some visible problems, it largely stopped the prior abuses.Alcohol is also monopolized at the distributor level, resulting in far higher prices than we would otherwise see. It's hard to believe some liter bottles of liquor are more than $30. These monopolies are granted by local governments - for a price. In some states, only government can sell alcohol.Deaths due to alcohol and tobacco are high - well - precisely because they are legal. As soon as you legalize the others, they will soar. Many pelpoe do not use drugs for the sole reason that they are illegal.The Mexican drug deaths are, I believe, more the result of internal battles over cocaine trafficking, not marijuana.I'm not sure why a libertarian would think legalizing drugs is the solution when he correctly observes how deep government involvement in the legal drugs are and how many pelpoe they kill.
2011-04-17 06:31:07
jViBgh IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of tihgns like that?