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2015-10-23 07:33:09
You and I have spoken about the prelmobs with Windows Phone app acquisition in WP7.x vs WP8. When I was on my Japanese ID, I almost always bought apps outright. The exception was trying one out only to discover either it plain was useless, didn't work as advertised, or really was not needed.Move ahead 9 months. Tired of no Zune music in Japan, I switched to my US ID. Now I could use my Zune pass, get artist info, download music. BUT (notice the big BUT) now I could not purchase WP apps. Why? No US credit card. YET .WP8 can choose PayPal to purchase content. Perfect! But why no WP7 support for billing I use on Xbox, Windows 8 .So sorry to see you go here, but I know you will still be giving great info and support for users of WPx.x, Windows all Flavors, Surface and Xbox .I hope.
2011-08-22 21:22:17
Many many qaultiy points there.