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A place to post dvd music like live
2016-05-07 05:29:25
another day overon the playground of lifethe elite sneaking around as usual decieving causing fightslittle do they knowthey are moving into potisionsinside themselvescos their underlying structurebuilt on liesand broken wealthgone against the nature of the selfto do whats donekilling starving peopleto take by rattle of a gunand if they dont use gun they come another wayevery trick in the bookthey are not afraid to playwell up to themI know betterI stand and holdthis living truthI'm fed up with all this war lets suffer in peace insteadand make use. ..peace..
2015-10-23 07:03:30
i agia eirini tis pesraiss einai i 1 apo tis 2 ekdoxes ton epistimonon gia tin onomasia santorini.i alli ekdoxi einai i agia eirini tis thirasias giati apo ekei pernousan oi fragkoi stavroforoi
2013-04-04 19:04:45
What perfect pcueirts;) I have the same feeling. This year Cody told me that he will send Santa a note about what he wants and refuses to let me in on what he wants and doesn't think he needs to see him. The saying in our house goes, If there is no Santa, there are no gifts from Santa so 'tis best to believe
2011-04-17 10:50:40
BION I'm imrepssed! Cool post!
2011-04-09 02:42:50
audrey landers