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2015-10-23 07:19:09
Hello, I suggest finidng something about yourself that you like maybe your eyes, lips, ect. Or find something that you are good at, such as art or music, dancing ect. Focus on that part of yourself. It is hard being your age and there are some younger people your age that just aren't nice. It is those people that shouldn't matter. Who cares what they think. Focus on your family and friends that will be positive. Seems like your boyfriends likes you the way you are.Hope this helps.
2013-01-14 06:18:24
2012-10-08 09:37:45
What is your experience (if any) with legal high drugs? In the UK the legal Mephedrone was feelry available online to purchase or in your local head shop after stories of ruined lives and deaths caused by meph the government finally banned it. It was found to be highly addictive and unfortunately I myself became an addict. I bought it in its bath salts form from a head shop and spent over a35000 personal savings on it and became the first person through the British National Health Service to be admitted to rehab for addiction to it. I lasted the recommended 2 weeks detox but came out and started using again. It wasnt until the ban back in April 2010 that I had no choice but to quit. Sure I could have bought it ILLEGALLY on the streets but the dealers were mixing it with all sorts of crap and wasnt worth taking.
2011-04-16 19:13:41
YMMD with that ansewr! TX