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2015-12-23 09:55:46
There is more to one's decision to go to DO vs. MD, than just graeds. I can't comment on your brother-in-law, but having worked in the medical field for the last five years, and having MDs in the family, I see more and more patients actually requesting DOs, and even MDs suggesting that clinically the DO approach is stronger than the allopathic approach (not my words, a doc I work with who is an MD, his opinion). The main problem here is ego . A DO can take the USMLE just like the MD med-students, and apply for allopathic residencies. His/her acceptance is dependant on the score, not so much if they are MD/DO. Both are doctors, and both go through rigorous training to get there. I am only applying DO, even after working for years at a well-known allopathic medical school. It is not because I don't have a competitive application, it is because I allign myself with the DO philosophy, and it is a personal choice.It is sad to see that there are still people out there that thrive off demeaning fellow practioners. With the new integrative approach towards patient care, you'll have plenty of battles to fight DO today, next mid-levels; DNPs perhaps? +8Was this answer helpful?
2012-10-08 17:19:07
March 3, 2012Mephedrone had a fishy smell? Strange, I always thuhgot it smelled of crushed up circuit boards. Wobbly eyeballs ahoy!Note that sensible people call methoxetamine roflcoptr . MKET is a far more confusing name because it sounds too much like MCAT. Not a good idea to get them mixed up.
2011-04-17 08:07:05
HHIS I sohuld have thought of that!